DeGrey And Mason
Short description

DeGrey & Mason is a unique coloured gemstone jewellery brand debuting at the UK Jewellery Festival
for AW22. The brand is run by a small, passionate team who bring experience of working within an international
community of artisans to create extraordinary collections of ethically crafted jewellery. The business controls
the whole process from gem sourcing and cutting to manufacturing in workshops using fine jewellery
techniques. The brand’s vision is to target emerging consumers in a new affordable luxury marketplace,
where retail prices of between £99 and £899 target self-purchasing customers and more affluent gift purchasers.

Launching with five collections, the brand says it is confident that it has something to add to a retailer’s
existing portfolio. DeGrey & Mason is looking for a small number of retail partners who can see the potential in the
brand. The team’s experience in the jewellery industry has allowed it to keep material and manufacturing
costs relatively low and it says it can offer a number of very attractive solutions to enable retailers to become a
DeGrey & Mason stockist and make excellent margins.

Country: United Kingdom