Goodman Bros
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The Service Brand Company specialise in jewellery services and solutions.

Brand Portfolio:
INVERNESS, Safe & Gentle Piercing
The World’s Safest and Gentlest Ear-Piercing System. Most technologically advanced piercing system for lobe, cartilage and nose. Offer your customers a professional service and unique piercing experience. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, peace of mind piercing with Inverness.

CONNOISSEURS, Makes Jewellery Sparkle
The Gold standard in jewellery and watch care. For generations professional jewellers have been using Connoisseurs products to clean jewellery and watches. Connoisseurs cleaners are formulated to clean every type of Jewellery safely and effectively. Connoisseurs is renowned for its product innovation and has transformed the jewellery care industry with products such as the Jewellery Wipes and Diamond Dazzle Stik. Connoisseurs products are fast, convenient, and effective. Cosmetic-style packaging appeals and perfect for travel.

LOX, Locking Earrings Backs
Our brand is patented, British design and manufacture. Lox earring backs are cleverly designed to fit all types and sizes of earring locking them in place. Lox is hypo-allergenic, comfortable, lifts heavy earrings, safe and secure.

Detailed information

• New Inverness partners will receive complimentary training, equipment, a bespoke marketing pack and licence support, worth over £400

Country: United Kingdom