Herbert Marx
Domain: www.herbertmarx.co.uk
Short description

Herbert Marx is proud to take our place as the UK’s leading manufacturer/importer and wholesaler of Gold, Diamond, Gemstone and Pearl jewellery. In 2019 K&R Jewellery amalgamated with Herbert Marx to increase the company’s offerings under one umbrella. As a multi-generational business, we have a deep history in supplying the trade as well as an unrivalled knowledge of the UK consumer market.

Leaders in our field, our customer base covers the entire UK & Ireland, Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Our focus is independent jewellers and small multiples who pride themselves on selling quality jewellery at affordable prices. Whilst we are price conscious and very competitive, we never compromise our fundamental principle of quality first for a cheaper price. You sell our products with the confidence that once it leaves your store you will never deal with this piece again.

We pride ourselves that our Jewellery Collections cover most trends and styles from traditional to the latest high fashion and must haves. We have huge stocks ready for next day delivery. We have a special ordering service for bespoke designs and unusual ring sizes. Our outstanding customer service and after sales service team, both office-based sales team and on-road Sales Managers are always on hand to service every requirement. No request is too much trouble, and no order is ever too small.

Country: United Kingdom