ORA Pearls
Domain: https://www.orapearls.com/
Short description

ORA Pearls is a British luxury pearl jewellery brand with a flagship store in Chelsea, London. Founder Bibi Southwell is a pearl expert and jeweller who has spent more than 15 years sourcing and developing relationships with pearl farming communities and suppliers all over the world. Southwell’s focus on fresh, minimalist and elegant design achieves the perfect balance between modern and classic pearl jewellery.

ORA is a dedicated pearl brand with a comprehensive offering of stunning designs at competitive prices. The brand’s on-site studio, where all items are made, has helped develop ORA’s bespoke service, which
is popular among its trade clients, who often receive specific pearl-related requests from their own customers. The business also has a vast inventory of pearl stock, which allows it to accommodate most requirements.

At the UK Jewellery Festival, ORA Pearls will be showing a wide variety of pieces including its newest Aetia and Aequia collections featuring chunky link chains and large pearl pendants, along with more delicate duo and trio set pearls.

Country: United Kingdom