Pollards And Talbots
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Pollards International (established in 1895) and Talbots Group (established in 1913) are both widely respected jewellery packaging brands with long-standing histories full of tradition and craftsmanship. Now, these historic companies have merged to become Pollards & Talbots. This will enable the business to offer a much broader and more eco-conscious range of products. The newly merged Pollards & Talbots will be launching its new packaging collections at the UK Jewellery Festival, where the new Pollards & Talbots catalogue will also be making its debut. This catalogue will detail the five carefully curated, distinct capsule collections on offer: Sustain, Premier, Luxury, Wood and Accessories.

Pollards & Talbots will be putting a sustainability ethos at the core of the business. The new Sustain range is made from recycled card, solvents, cottons and rPET – a material created from recycled plastic products. This sustainability focus is supported by the same progressive values of the company’s independently owned parent business, Millmead Optical Group.

Country: United Kingdom